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Paige Supkoski

Specialty Faculty Member

   Paige Supkoski, an alumni dancer, has been a part of the family since it's first season.

   She was a competitive dancer winning numerous first place awards, top adjudication scores, and dance convention scholarships. She received the Standout Jazz and Contemporary Dancer Award from Emmy Award Winning Choreographer, Travis Wall at NUVO Dance Convention in Buffalo, along with Dance Convention Scholarships to NUVO, GROOVE and SHEER TALENT ELITE.

   Paige started her dance teaching career virtually, producing videos for students during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Paige not only serves as a current Faculty Member, but she is also the Competitive Dance Assistant.

   When not teaching dance at, Paige is an Exercise Science Major at the University of Buffalo and certified life guard and swim teacher at the Dunkirk Conference Center.


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