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About Us

Inspiring Individualism and Creativity through a Professional Arts Education! Eclectic Dance Company was founded in July 2007 by Executive & Artistic Director Kathryn Kuczka-Hawk as a professional dance company that allowed many different artists from around the country to present and perform their work. In 2008, kicked off it's first performance season with a February concert in Pittsburgh and a March concert in Buffalo. After their first season, produced more successful shows in Buffalo adding Western New York and New York City. These shows included

~ Kista Tucker Dance, Inc. from Rochester, NY

~ Ari-Den Dance Company from Washington, DC

~ SelbyDance from Lansing, MI

~ Mone Dance Company from Niagara Falls, NY

~ Free Soul Dance Company from Buffalo, NY

~ Libertina Dance Company from Albany, NY

~ NCCC's Tanzen Dance Company from Niagara Falls, NY

~ Nicole Kedaroe from Boston, MA

~ Cara Hoover from New York City

~ Stephanie Fry Anderson from Pittsburgh, PA

~ Jill Michalsky (founding member) from New York City

~ Dance Place's Elizabeth Zinni & Kiley Pogas from Washington, DC

In the fall of 2011, opened their doors to offer the Western New York community with a different type of arts education. One that believes that the arts community is family that allows everyone to participate, create and grow as artists and as people.'s Mission Statement

     We believe that everyone is an artist who has the ability to create and achieve their dreams. The word "can't" is not a part of our vocabulary.

     We believe it is our job as educators to provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows each of our students to flourish and grow. It is our responsibility to provide all of our students with an education that teaches proper dance technique and a professional education of the arts. Since we are working with students at such a young age, it is our job not only to help them become educated in the arts, but to grow as people.

     We believe everyone, not just our students, but family, friends and everyone on this earth should feel at home at our studio. It can be summarized in one easy statement... we are all equal, talented and wonderful people.


117 Cushing Street

Fredonia, NY 14063

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